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HTC Clarifies Vive 2 Release Date Details

Vive 2

The Vive 2 appears to be one of the most awaited VR consoles this year. It is said to be released to the public soon.  However, there are some updates on its supposed release date. It appears HTC has finally denied rumors that it may unveil the next-gen Vive headset at the ...

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Unreal Engine 4 Games Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch to Use Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games Japan representative Takayuki Kawasaki comments that a lot of titles using the Unreal Engine are coming to the Nintendo Switch. In a report by Nintendo Everything, Kawasaki mentions in an interview that the Nintendo Switch supports the Unreal Engine. But even more important than that, he mentions that several ...

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Top 12 PC Sellers of 2016 According to Steam

Top 12 PC Sellers on Steam

To commemorate the new year, Valve released a list of their top 100 best selling games of 2016. They separated the list of a hundred into four different tiers — Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Today we’ll look at the Platinum-tier titles, which are the Top 12 PC sellers on ...

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GRID, Dirt 3, and F1 2013 Removed from Steam Store

GRID, Dirt 3, and F1 2013 Gone from Steam

Codemasters’ racing games Dirt 3, GRID, and F1 2013 for the PC are now all gone from the Steam store. So far there’s no word from Steam why these games are suddenly missing. A post from PC Gamer states that GOG also removed GRID from their store because of expiring licenses. ...

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Valve Invites Indie Developer to Work at Their Office

Valve Invites Indie Dev to Office

Valve has invited Onward developer Dante Buckley to continue working on their game at Valve headquarters in Seattle. According to Dante’s post on the matter, Valve invited him to work on Onward in their office this January. Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first indie developer that Valve asked to come ...

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