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Bojack Horseman Season 4 Release Soon

After three depressingly funny seasons, there’s plenty of excitement for Bojack Horseman season 4, which has already been renewed by Netflix. Starring Arrested Development star Will Arnett, it has captured the hearts and interest of audiences who can’t wait to see what’s next. Details for the fourth season have been ...

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Riverdale Season 2 Gets Darker Plot

Comics-turned- TV Series Riverdale gets a darker, more serious feel for its second installment, but that doesn’t stop fans from looking forward to what’s going to happen in the lives of our favorite gang. As its first trailer hints, the CW’s Riverdale will go from innocent to grim when it ...

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Overwatch Zarya Comic ‘Is Not A Rumor,’ Says Blizzard

Overwatch Zarya Comic

Blizzard Entertainment quells the Zarya comic rumors as the team revealed its sneak peek during their San Diego Comic Con 2017 panel. The new comic doesn’t have a cover yet but they’ve revealed an image that could explain its plot. As seen on Hammeh’s video, the new Overwatch Zarya comic ...

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5 Video Game Movies to Look Forward to in 2017!

Video Game Movies

The new year is turning into a spicy year with a lot of new entrants from all over pop culture. Here are some of the expected video game movies of 2017. Players could still be the least bit hopeful for 2017’s lineup of video game movies. Though sadly 2016 ended ...

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Nickelodeon to Animate Unnamed Game: Hints, Sneak Peeks


Popular channel, Nickelodeon appears to be working on the cartoon version of a “famous” video game. Just what this game is, remains a secret. Animation and cartoon fans will be up for a few surprises as the company wants to keep this a secret. Regardless, Fred Seibert of Federation Studios ...

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Superman vs Donald Trump in New Dark Knight 3 Comics

Superman vs Donald Trump

It appears Superman vs Donald Trump will be the fight of the decade. A recent comic book just pinned Krypton and the US together. This is just after the release of The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. It appears Superman’s home planet of Krypton has just entered war with Earth. ...

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2016 Social Media Recap: The Best of the Best In Social Media This Year

2016 Social Media Recap

Before the year ends, here are the 2016 Social Media Recap from the most talked about trending topics in the different social media spheres. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or the several other social media platforms, this year definitely found an increase in active users. Tweets or posts can ...

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