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Xiaomi Mi 6 February Launch May Be Delayed

Xiaomi Mi 6

Rumors claim that Xiaomi Mi 6 will be launched on February 14, Valentine’s Day. This is after a poster was circulated around Weibo, a popular Chinese social media website. The poster shows Xiaomi’s logo with a big number six at the center. It also shows the date (February 14) and ...

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TCL May Release Its First Blackberry Smartphone in 2017


TCL Communication confirms that they will feature their first product at the CES 2017. Could it be the Blackberry DTEK70? Recently, BlackBerry Limited entered into a long-term licensing agreement with TCL Communication. Under the agreement, Blackberry licensed its security software and service suite, and related brand assets to TCL. The ...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 May Arrive with 8 GB of RAM

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 has not yet been released but the rumors for this highly-anticipated smartphone are pretty unstoppable. Most of them remain to be speculations. However, one tipster from one of China’s most influential micro-blogging site, the Weibo, has revealed one interesting aspect of the Samsung Galaxy S8. According to this ...

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BlackBerry Mercury Renders Reportedly Surface

BlackBerry Mercury

Many are now losing interest in BlackBerry phones right now. The former king of smartphones lost its glory when brands like Samsung and iPhone toppled the competition. However, a glimmer of hope is coming with the advent of BlackBerry Mercury. This is a curious case, as Blackberry already announced that ...

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Apple Watch 3 Rumors: 5 New Features to Expect

Apple Watch 3 Rumors

The Apple Watch 3 rumors are becoming a reality today. Just this December 23, the United State’s Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) just revealed that Apple had submitted a patent application. Specifically, this technology is for a “wearable” device. Specifically, the application indicates the integration of haptic response to a ...

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Cheaper Xiaomi Mi Mix Rumored to be in Works

Here’s good news for those who would like to get the Xiaomi Mi Mix. It will soon be available at a lower price. A Chinese online store has listed a white colored Mi Mix at 3,000 yuan. However, you could not purchase the device. You can only sign up for ...

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Backlog In OLED-Making Equipment May Derail Apple Plan For New iPhone Display

canon tokki equipment

Apple’s plan to use OLED displays on its iPhone devices may hit a snag. This is due to the current backlog in the OLED-making equipment. Bloomberg says Canon Toki Corporation has ‘near monopoly’ for this type of equipment. The company spent over two decades in perfecting the manufacturing equipment used by OLED ...

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Nokia Filed More Lawsuits Against Apple in Asia, Europe and US


Nokia has expanded its patent infringement lawsuit filed against Apple, one day after it filed its original lawsuit last December 21. On Wednesday, Nokia files for infringement claims against the technology giant on the use of its H.264 codec. Aside from the said codec, Nokia also complains about Apple’s use ...

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Huawei P10 For Release In April 2017

huawei P9

Huawei is releasing its flagship smartphone P10 next year. The new device will reportedly feature wireless charging. A leaked benchmark reveals that P10 will have a 1440 x 2560 screen. It will be bigger than 5.2-inch P9 since its size will be 5.5 inches. Information leak also points to a curved dual-edge ...

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