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Final Fantasy 15 Comrades Expansion Beta, Full Version Differences Detailed

Final Fantasy 15 Comrades Multiplayer expansion

The Final Fantasy 15 Comrades multiplayer expansion will receive a beta test from August 3 to August 8, and its content is limited compared to what the full version offers. Square Enix has revealed the full rundown of how the technical test differs, from the availability of playable characters to ...

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Two Factor Authentication: Protect Your Accounts on PSN, Xbox Live, Origin, UPlay

Two Factor Authentication

Every online game account is sacred for gamers. The popularity of online gaming has made a lot of users dependent on their gaming accounts. However, this also meant they are vulnerable to malicious personnel actions and even hackers. Read on to learn how using the two-factor authentication can protect your transactions ...

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Destiny The Dawning Event Guide: on Getting New Armor Set

Destiny The Dawning Event Armors

The Dawning is Bungie’s latest Destiny event this time catering to a holiday-themed celebration. The event launched earlier this week and is set to last until January 3 of the next year. And fitting in with the season of giving, the Dawning presents players several new armor sets to unlock ...

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Pokemon GO Christmas Pikachu: How to Catch and Evolve to Raichu

Pokemon GO Holiday Update

People have been looking forward to seeing what Niantic has in plan for the Christmas season in Pokémon GO. Even more so because of the successful large scale events that they had for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Well today they’ve announced what might be a teaser of their upcoming holiday event. ...

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Pokemon GO Giant Pokemon Bug: Ways to Fix it

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO fans are in for a treat – or are they? A strange bug is suddenly turning their buddy Pokemon into hulking monstrosities. Fans are excited to see the swath of new features available in the recent updates. The Tracker system is back and Gym battles are finally being ...

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Pokemon GO Transfers: Ways to Transfer Multiple Pokemon at a Time

Pokemon GO Transfer Update

Fans are expecting a massive update to arrive for Pokemon GO within the following weeks, one that will add about a hundred new Pokemon to the game. If that’s true, then that means managing a player’s Pokemon is going to become a lot more cumbersome and time consuming, especially when ...

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