About Us

The video game industry has seen exponential growth through recent years, becoming one of the top entertainment venues today. Video game releases are now on par with the biggest hits within the film making business and continues to expand year after year. The Gamer’s Drop was created as a platform to provide gamers with the most up-to-date information regarding everything within the video game industry. We are dedicated to bringing current news about every upcoming big release, as well as covering news related to recently released titles. In addition to covering specific titles, we also provide news regarding the inter-workings of the video game industry.

The Gamers Drop (TGD) has been pumping out the latest video games news since 2012. We love video games, always have, always will. Our aim is to provide the latest news and articles on the video games industry. Our love of games started at a young age the system we’ve had go something like this Spectrum ZX and Commodore 64 both of which required some hoping and praying that the tape player would work and get past the 120 second mark! We skipped the Amiga, but had a BBC and a random IBM both capable of pretty much bugger all!

Then came the changing point the introduction of the consoles. We moved down the SEGA side of the tracks with a Master System and then a Mega Drive (or the Genesis for our US friends). Although we were never far from a NES or a SNES. Then came the decision for a CD based system, did we go with the standard SEGA Saturn? Oh no, we ventured into the unknown the wonderful Panasonic 3DO with such classis like Demolition Man. That was a truly underrated system. At the same time it was a must to have an N64, I mean Goldeneye multiplayer on split screen or the wonderful Zelda: Ocarina of Time were the top of the tower at that time. Now, if you are a little bit younger and you’ve no idea about these systems……time to go a do some research and get your hands on an emulator.

Later we moved our allegiance to Sony and went through the PS1 and PS2, venturing then into the XBox 360, XBox One and the PS4. Throughout all this we’ve also maintained a love of PC gaming as well. Phew….know I’ve written all that I can say we’ve had a shed load of systems. We know our games, we know our tech and we frickin’ love it!

Over the years we have also had a fair share of websites, although we had a bit of a sabbatical for a while. Back in the day we were totally obsessed with the Delta Force trilogy running the incredibly popular Sniper-Shot.net (if you ever saw it please ping me) and Operation-Flashpoint.net for erm Operation Flashpoint. These sites then led onto employment at MGON (Movies, Games Online, who were a smaller up and coming Gamespot or IGN. They were ahead of the game back then with a true understanding of eSports but pushed for it about 5-10yrs too early eventually dying out. Try using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to check these out.

Anyway welcome to TGD and enjoy the site.