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We Happy Few Release Date For Full Retail Launch Revealed: Price, Bonuses & More

A We Happy Few release date for the game’s full retail availability has now come to light. According to reports, the title will be a “full sized, retail game.” This only means that it will be jam-packed with further developments as a complete game at last. The only downside now is the hike in the game’s price.

We Happy Few Release Date as a Full Retail Game

As some fans may know, We Happy Few originally saw an initial release as an early access title back in July 2016. It became available via the PC platform and Xbox One. Notably, however, the game was still in development upon its availability on the aforementioned platforms.

This time around, We Happy Few will be a fully realized game. It is set for a worldwide release on April 13, 2018, and will also cater to the PS4 market. With news of the We Happy Few release date comes details on what it has in store for fans upon its launch.

We Happy Few: Full Price & Bonuses

Seeing as We Happy Few will now be a completed game, it seems only fitting that its price match that of a standard retail title. As per reports, the game will now cost players $60. This is a significant jump from its initial price, which was at $30.

The price hike may be a bit of an issue to some fans, especially since the cost is now doubled. However, We Happy Few’s developer, Compulsion Games, argues that the price increase comes as a reflection of the game’s full capacity. In other words, the release of a full game translates to a full retail price.

It’s worth noting that players who purchased the game prior to the price hike will be able to acquire the “Jolly Brolly” parasol weapon preorder bonus at no extra cost. This is on top of receiving the standard edition of the game.

Meanwhile, Tier 1 backers of the game’s Kickstarter campaign will simply receive the game’s standard edition. On the other hand, backers who reached Tier 2 and higher will receive both the preorder bonus and the game’s season pass. Backers who are at Tier 10 and higher will receive all these extras plus a $150 Collector’s Set.

What is We Happy Few?

We Happy Few is an indie survival horror video game that takes place in an alternate reality where society is fuelled by a hallucinogenic drug called Joy. It is set during the mid-1960s in a fictional English city called Wellington Wells. Players are tasked to survive without being caught for rejecting Joy while making their way out of the city before its impending fall.

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