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Street Fighter 5 DLC Celebrates Franchise’s 30th Anniversary With New Costumes

The Street Fighter franchise is in full swing with its 30th anniversary festivities. In fact, it most recently announced that the next Street Fighter 5 DLC (downloadable content) would feature new costumes up for grabs. Notably, this wouldn’t be the first time for its developer, Capcom, to release content for the franchise’s anniversary.

Street Fighter 5 DLC Offers New Costumes

According to reports, the next Street Fighter 5 DLC costumes will cater to the likes of Ibuki, Guile, M. Bison, and Karin. Costumes will cost fans $3.99 each, similar to previously released DLC outfits. The upcoming bonuses will be available starting August 29. Interestingly, the date of the DLC’s availability is a notable one, considering it coincides with the franchise’s anniversary.

As some fans may recall, a previous Street Fighter 5 DLC added in three retro costumes as an ode to older entries in the Street Fighter series. In addition to these costumes, three sport-themed outfits were made available earlier this year. There was also a premium Champion’s Choice costume for Guile as well.

Enter Abigail, Street Fighter 5’s Newest Combatant

On top of costumes, Street Fighter 5 also introduced fans to a new DLC fighter: Abigail. Some fans may be familiar with the character, as he first made an appearance in 1989’s Final Fight. Back then, he was available to players as the last boss of the game’s penultimate stage. For Street Fighter 5, Abigail costs $5.99 to access. Alternatively, players can acquire the Character Pass for $29.99. Other than Abigail, the pass also includes Ed, Kolin, Akuma, and one still-unknown character.

What is Street Fighter 5?

For the uninitiated, Street Fighter 5 is a fighting video game brought to audiences by Capcom and Dimps. It is the sixth main numbered installment of the Street Fighter series and follows the usual Street Fighter formula of a side-scrolling fighting gameplay system.

Street Fighter 5 first released in February 2016 for the PS4 and Microsoft Windows. It additionally boasts of cross-platform play between the aforementioned platforms. Notably, the game introduces fans to the new “V-Gauge.” This charges up when a player receives attacks. It additionally brings in three new moves: V-Skills, V-Reversals, and V-Triggers.

While the game first started off with 16 characters — four of which are new — it has also brought in additional fighters since its release. Besides Abigail, Ed, Kolin, and Akuma, players can also purchase the likes of Juri, Urien, Balrog, and Alex.

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