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Death Stranding Creator Hideo Kojima Thanks Konami For Creative Freedom Despite Fallout

It seems all remains well between Konami and Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima. This is in spite of their somewhat messy parting of ways back in 2015. Here’s what Kojima recently had to say regarding Konami.

Hideo Kojima Thanks Konami

Interestingly, despite their fall out, Kojima recently brought out some positivity for Konami. “What I’m grateful Konami for is that when I proposed something I wanted to make, they let me make it,” he says.

Kojima adds that he was not “bound” by Konami and that the company allowed him to pursue creative freedom in his projects. “It was like that from when I joined to the end,” he notes. “Because of that, I’m the person I am today.”

By the looks of it, both Kojima and Konami have seemingly moved on from their messy split. To recount, rumors regarding Kojima’s impending departure from Konami surfaced when it was announced that 2015’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would be his last project under the Metal Gear franchise.

Later that year, the aforementioned title bagged the Best Action Game and Best Score/Soundtrack accolades at The Game Awards 2015. However, Kojima himself was absent from the event. This was due to Konami allegedly barring his attendance. By then, Kojima’s name was already removed from Metal Gear marketing materials.

Death Stranding Star Norman Reedus Praises Hideo Kojima

Kojima’s anticipated title continues to make headlines ahead of its release. Most recently, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, who is part of the game’s cast, expressed some insights on working with Kojima. As it turns out, Reedus has nothing but praise for the Death Stranding creator.

“It’s mind blowing,” says Reedus on working with Kojima. “He’s a genius. … It’s unreal. People will do whatever he wants because he’s a visionary.”

Reedus isn’t the only star who commends Kojima on his work. Actor Mads Mikkelsen, who is also involved in the upcoming game, recently stated that Kojima “is a fantastically inspiring man, and his brain is working on a different level.” Mikkelsen further shares that he “can’t wait” to see the final product of what Kojima has in store for the game.

Mads Mikkelsen as a Playable Character?

Previous reports speculated on Mikkelsen himself being a playable character in Kojima’s forthcoming project. This may come as a bit of a twist, considering previous trailers suggest Mikkelsen’s character to appear somewhat antagonistic. Some fans theorize that due to Mikkelsen’s recent rise in publicity for the game, Kojima may actually turn things around and make the actor a playable character in the end.

Other fans join in on this theory. They cite Kojima’s history of surprising fans with twists in terms of gameplay and story. Who’s to say he won’t give the same treatment for Death Stranding? Only time will tell if Mikkelsen will indeed be a playable character upon the game’s launch.

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