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Pokemon Go Update to Remove Lugia by August 31

Lugia fans better get their hands on the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. According to reports, the latest Pokemon Go update reveals that Lugia will be leaving the game by the end of August. Such an announcement comes from the Pokemon website itself.

Pokemon Go Update: Goodbye Lugia

With the announcement of Mewtwo’s availability to the hit mobile game comes the impending removal of another Legendary Pokemon in its wake. As The Pokemon Company reveals, August 31 marks the last appearance of Lugia for the time being. The context of the announcement implies that Lugia may make a comeback in a future Pokemon Go update somewhere down the road. However, fans are recommended to play it safe and snatch up Lugia while they still can.

“Starting today and lasting until August 31, 2017, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres will be appearing in Raid Battles for Trainers to challenge,” writes Pokemon.com. “August 31 will also be your last opportunity to catch Lugia, for now. Be sure to coordinate with other Trainers and make your move!”

Who is Lugia?

A dual-type Psychic and Flying Pokemon, Lugia is a Legendary creature first introduced in the franchise’s Generation II. It is one-half of the Legendary duo of Johto. Whereas Lugia is known as the guardian of the seas, Ho-Oh — the other half of Johto’s Legendary duo — is the guardian of the skies.

Interestingly, Lugia oversees the Legendary birds as per Pokemon lore. Thus far, Lugia is not known to evolve into any other Pokemon. Not much is known about its attack abilities either. However, it is allegedly the only Pokemon that learns the move called Aeroblast.

Latest Pokemon Go Update Brings in Mewtwo

In other Pokemon Go news, Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo is now available to fans. Mewtwo joins in as part of Pokemon Go’s limited-time Exclusive Raid Battles. The Pokemon Go Stadium event in Yokohama, Japan marks Mewtwo’s first appearance in the mobile game. As to how long Mewtwo will be available is still unknown.

Interestingly, encountering Mewtwo in its Raid Battle comes with a 100 percent catch rate. As such, players are assured of catching Mewtwo so long as they are able to defeat it in battle. Reportedly, the availability of Mewtwo to fans was a long time coming. This was due to the fact that the aforementioned Pokemon was the first Legendary to be revealed during the early stages of Pokemon Go.

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