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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Confirmed For 2018 According to Square Enix

Despite speculations of a delay, it seems as if the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date may reach its 2018 target after all—that is if recent reports are to be believed. Allegedly, Kingdom Hearts 3 developer, Square Enix, recently shared that it intends to release the anticipated game by 2018. This reinforces its previous earnings forecast, which targeted a 2018 release window right off the bat.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Slated For 2018

As some fans may know, the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date — or at least, its release year — was previously unveiled at this year’s D23 Expo. A recent article on Square Enix’s earnings forecast further reinforces the projected 2018 time frame for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts sequel.

The folks at Square Enix write that they “will be releasing Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2018.” They add, “We will continue to announce new titles going forward, including at gaming trade shows. As of this time, we are making no changes to our earnings forecast for FY2018/3.”

The question now is: when exactly in 2018 will Kingdom Hearts 3 see a release? As some netizens speculate, “FY2018/3” may mean the third quarter of the fiscal year 2018. With this into account, some fans now theorize that the release date may be anytime between April to June of 2018. However, without an official announcement on a more specific release date, the game’s actual launch date is still up in the air.

No Marvel Universe in Kingdom Hearts 3

In other news relating to Kingdom Hearts 3, the game will reportedly not feature any Marvel elements. This is in spite of previous theories that speculated the game could feature a Marvel world or two in its gameplay. Although Marvel and the Kingdom Hearts franchise are both under the Disney umbrella, it seems a crossover between the two is not set to surface for Kingdom Hearts 3.

As Kingdom Hearts series executive producer Shinji Hashimoto explains, adding in the Marvel Universe in Kingdom Hearts 3 is “not on the agenda for the moment.” This may be a bit of a disappointment for some fans. It’s worth noting, however, that Hashimoto also adds that the team “may consider it in the future.”

Taking Hashimoto’s statements into consideration, it seems a crossover between Kingdom Hearts and Marvel isn’t entirely off the table. Only time will tell if Sora and his friends will encounter Marvel characters somewhere down the road. For now, it doesn’t seem to be in the picture for Kingdom Hearts 3.

In the meantime, fans can instead look forward to other confirmed worlds for the game. This includes the likes of Toy Story and Big Hero 6. It will additionally see the return of Mount Olympus from Hercules, as well as the Tangled world and Twilight Town.

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