Harvest Moon: Light of Hope
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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Trailer Details Rebuilding Gameplay & Features [Watch]

The latest Harvest Moon: Light of Hope trailer shows fans how they can get started in their rebuilding efforts for the game’s town. As is the case with the typical Harvest Moon formula, Light of Hope tasks players with rehabilitating a run-down farm. However, this time around, players will also need to rebuild other structures featured in the game’s universe.

Rebuilding Aspect of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

As reports divulge, Light of Hope requires players to rebuild an entire island. The island itself is an unfortunate victim of a recent storm. The rebuilding feature is necessary so that previous villagers who left after the storm will once again return to the island. Rebuilding will not only involve houses, but it will also include the restoration of bridges. Notably, rebuilding bridges will grant players access to new areas in the game.

Restoring buildings and monuments will begin rather simply at first. As players progress, rebuilding becomes more challenging and will demand more materials in order to completely reconstruct certain structures.

The new video showcasing the rebuilding gameplay of Light of Hope details how villagers come to the player with their concerns regarding destroyed homes and businesses. It shows how players can harvest materials needed to rebuild structures and what the final product will look like in the end.

Currently, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is in development for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It is the latest title in the Harvest Moon series and draws a lot of inspiration from the first Harvest Moon game. Light of Hope was first announced in May. It is slated to see a release within the year.

What is Harvest Moon?

For the uninitiated, Harvest Moon is a farm simulation role playing game. The Harvest Moon game series, also known as the Story of Seasons series, first broke out in the industry in 1996. Back then, the first Harvest Moon game was available for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Harvest Moon games share a similar objective which involves players rebuilding a dilapidated farm and restoring it to its former glory. The game involves tending to livestock and crops, as well as expanding the farm in general. Along the way, a player’s character can build relationships with other townsfolk in the game. In some Harvest Moon titles, some relationships can even turn romantic. This would then subsequently lead to marriage and a family.

The franchise also boasts of several spin-off titles. This includes Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon and Puzzle de Harvest Moon. There is also the Rune Factory series, which shares the farming elements of Harvest Moon. Notably, however, Rune Factory games also have fantasy and dungeon crawl elements within their gameplay.

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