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Okami HD to be Available For PS4 & Xbox One in December

PS4 and Xbox One users have yet another title to look forward to—that is if recent reports are to be believed. Allegedly, an Okami HD port will be made available for the aforementioned platforms. Interestingly, reports claim that the ports for both the PS4 and Xbox One will see a release within the year.

Okami HD to be Available on the PS4 and Xbox One

News of an Okami HD port for the PS4 and Xbox One comes from Kotaku UK. The media outlet claims that such news stems from two independent sources. Kotaku UK cites two different European retail chains which recently included Okami’s HD version under their calendar of physical releases. Notably, though the retail chains are different, they both feature the same release date of December 12, 2017.

However, Kotaku UK also adds that retail listings are far from concrete evidence. Still, reports of Okami seeing an HD release for current-generation consoles is something worth keeping an eye on. Furthermore, Okami’s publisher, Capcom, has yet to address these claims. Thus, news of an Okami HD port coming to the PS4 and Xbox One remains unconfirmed for the time being.

Still, bringing Okami to the PS4 and Xbox One makes sense. With its strong visuals and unique method of storytelling, utilizing these consoles could give the game an even bigger platform to explore.

What is Okami?

Okami is an action-adventure video game. In terms of gameplay, there is a mix of platform, puzzles, and action. Players take control of the game’s main character, Amaterasu, whose design is strongly reminiscent of old Japanese ink illustrations. The game boasts of several side quests that players can explore. It does, however, feature a generally linear storyline.

Despite its unique art style, Okami was met with poor sales upon its release. Still, it managed to receive critical acclaim within the industry. In fact, it even bagged IGN’s Game of the Year accolade back in 2006.

Though Okami was first released that same year for the PS2, it saw a comeback in 2008 with its port on Nintendo’s Wii. It then saw a high-definition port for the PS3 back in 2012. The PS3 port worked similarly to its Wii counterpart, as it made use of the PlayStation Move motion controller.

Moreover, the beloved game saw a sequel with Okamiden for the Nintendo DS. It was released in 2010 for Japan and 2011 for both North America and Europe. Gameplay for Okamiden worked similarly to that of its predecessor’s. It garnered positive reviews upon its release.

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