The Evil Within 2 Gameplay
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The Evil Within 2 Gameplay to be Less Linear, Adds More Side Quests

More details regarding the upcoming The Evil Within 2 have now emerged. In particular, there is news regarding the game’s direction and new additions. As reports reveal, The Evil Within 2 gameplay will be less linear than its predecessor. This is due to to the inclusions of more side quests with an emphasis on exploration.

The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Adds Large Open Areas

According to reports, The Evil Within 2 gameplay will feature more elements of exploration. This means that the game will have larger sections which will provide players with more areas to investigate. Additionally, The Evil Within 2 will also have more side objectives, giving players even more missions to pursue besides the main story.

It’s worth noting that although the game will have more exploration to it, this does not necessarily mean that The Evil Within 2 gameplay will have a more open world style to it. Moreover, the title will still follow a linear backbone thanks to its focus on the story more than anything. The larger expanses simply give players more freedom to explore.

No More Forced Stealth and Combat

With the addition of more exploration comes the removal of the imperative sneaking around and necessary confrontations against foes. Seeing as the game places more focus on its narrative, The Evil Within 2 is thus driven more by its plot elements than anything. Players will thus have the choice to pursue how to progress the game in any method they choose.


Previous reports also detail how the game’s customization will pan out. Notably, the sequel title’s customization elements will be more elaborate than its predecessor’s. Customizing the game’s protagonist, Sebastian, paves the approach of how The Evil Within 2’s gameplay will manifest in the long run. But just how would this work out?

Updating certain areas of Sebastian’s abilities will, later on, unlock other skills that players can utilize. An example will be if a player chooses to upgrade Sebastian’s Combat section. Doing so will later unlock the Bullet Cascade skill. Reportedly, this ability grants Sebastian greater damage for his attacks. In effect, this will thus make for a more offensive approach to the gameplay.

Besides upgrading Sebastian’s abilities, weapons can also see improvements as well. Players will need Weapon Parts in order to tweak their equipment. In doing so, weapons will gain new abilities in effect. Tweaks may take the form of better fire rate and even improvement in ammunition capacity.

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