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Nier: Automata Saves PlatinumGames – Read Hideki Kamiya’s Touching Tribute

The release of Nier: Automata is something to be celebrated. Besides the game perpetuating the Nier series, it is also a noteworthy addition to the gaming industry. Its developer, PlatinumGames Inc., also salutes the game quite fruitfully, as Automata managed to raise the company from the brink of despair.

Nier: Automata Saves PlatinumGames Inc.

Recent reports reveal that PlatinumGames co-founder, Hideki Kamiya, continues to sing nothing but praises for Automata. This is because, according to Kamiya, Yoko Taro’s game managed to turn things around for the company.

As some may know, PlatinumGames previously struggled, as evidenced by the cancellation of Scalebound. The demise of Scalebound came as a shock to several fans, especially since the company banked several years of work on the project. With the poor reception of the company’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan and Star Fox: Zero, it seemed as if everything was going downhill for PlatinumGames.

Thankfully, the release of Automata managed to turn things around for the company. To recount, Automata was met with critical acclaim upon its release. It received generally favorable reviews, with several critics praising the game’s characterization and narrative. In fact, Automata even managed to exceed the sales expectations of its publisher, Square Enix.

To this day, Automata continues to remain in the ranks of this year’s top-rated games. With this into account, it seems that there is nowhere else to go but up for PlatinumGames. Many hope that the success of Automata is a clear depiction of PlatinumGames’ future in the years to come.

Hideki Kamiya Praises Yoko Taro and Nier: Automata

In light of Automata’s success — and the prosperity it subsequently brought to PlatinumGames — Kamiya recently expressed his gratitude towards Taro for turning things around for the company. It seems a lot was riding on Automata’s shoulders, seeing as its release came shortly after Scalebound’s cancellation. From the looks of it, Automata may very well be the saving grace of PlatinumGames.

Kamiya seems to think so as well. He writes, “Nier’s success has to this point given Platinum a new fan base, a growing staff, a brilliant success story, an increase in qualified job applicants, and a great benefit.” Kamiya adds that saying “Yoko-san saved Platinum would not be an exaggeration. I cannot thank him enough.”

Nier: Automata is a sequel to 2010’s Nier. It boasts of role-playing elements supplemented by action-based combat. The game follows the same post-apocalyptic setting of its predecessor. It follows the story of 2B, a combat gynoid, amidst a proxy war between machines and the remainder of humanity. The game is now available for the PS4 and PC.

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