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Death Stranding Gameplay May Make Mads Mikkelsen a Playable Character

Will Mads Mikkelsen’s character in Death Stranding gameplay actually be playable? This is currently what some fans theorize. Such a notion is worth delving into, especially since not much is known about his character thus far.

Will Mads Mikkelsen be a Playable Character in Death Stranding Gameplay?

It’s worth noting that Death Stranding creator, Hideo Kojima, has a track record of surprising fans in terms of gameplay and story. He may pull off the same approach in his upcoming project. Additionally, as Redditor “scrumpis” points out, Mikkelsen seems to be getting more publicity versus his Death Stranding co-star, Norman Reedus. Many fans already know that Reedus is being marketed as the game’s protagonist. However, there is still a possibility of Kojima turning the tables upon Death Stranding’s release.

Furthermore, “scrumpis” also adds that Kojima is quite the Mikkelsen fan. Such is evidenced by his social media posts. To have Mikkelsen’s involvement in Death Stranding, one would think that Kojima would maximize the actor as much as possible.

Interestingly, Mikkelsen does not consider his character to be a villain. This is in spite of his antagonistic nature that the Death Stranding trailers imply. With this into account, it may be possible that the trailers aim to mislead viewers into thinking that Mikkelsen is an antagonist.

Mads Mikkelsen in Death Stranding

So just who, then, is Mikkelsen in Death Stranding? Seeing as the game still has some time to go before its release, speculations continue to grow rampant regarding Mikkelsen and his role. One fan on Reddit, who goes by the name of “EIXplainer,” believes that players will be able to switch between Reedus and Mikkelsen in Death Stranding gameplay.

EIXplainer’s theory suggests that when a player dies in-game as Reedus, they will then take control of Mikkelsen in order to revive themselves yet again. Citing the Death Stranding trailer, there is a possibility that stealing a baby in the game may connote another life for the player. Whether or not this will be the case is still unknown. Regardless, it’s an interesting theory worth considering.

When is the Death Stranding Release Date?

As previously reported, there is speculation that suggests Death Stranding may see a release sometime in 2018. This is due to Kojima’s previous statements in which he shares that his anticipated project will launch before the timeline of the Japanese animated film Akira. As some fans may know, Akira is set in the year 2019. As such, some netizens believe that Death Stranding may release in 2018.

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