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Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds Will Not Feature Marvel, Series Producer Confirms

New reports now reveal an update regarding Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds. Despite several rumors that suggested the involvement of Marvel worlds and characters in the upcoming game, it looks like such a venture will not actually manifest. The confirmation of such comes from Kingdom Hearts series executive producer, Shinji Hashimoto.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds: No Marvel Properties

Despite Kingdom Hearts and Marvel falling under Disney properties, a crossover between the two will not see the light of day. According to Hashimoto, the inclusion of the Marvel Universe in the roster of Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds is “not on the agenda for the moment.” Interestingly, however, Hashimoto also adds that the team “may consider it in the future.”

With this into account, it looks like a potential crossover with the Marvel Universe isn’t completely off the table, so to speak. However, seeing as Marvel elements do not seem to be a priority for Square Enix, it seems like it may not make the cut for the Kingdom Hearts worlds lineup.

Other Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds

Though Marvel seems to be out of the picture — at least for the time being — Kingdom Hearts 3 promises the inclusion of several other worlds in its lineup. One such world would be the likes of Toy Story, which was featured in the game’s most recent trailer. Notably, the Toy Story trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 also reveals new gameplay development in the number of members allowed in a player’s party.

As some may know, a player’s party in most Kingdom Hearts games can carry only three characters at a time. However, as per the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer, it seems that a player’s party can now feature five characters at a time, with Sora included in that number. This ultimately adds yet another dynamic to Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay and its developing battle system.

Will Sora Die in Kingdom Hearts 3?

The prospect of Sora meeting his end in Kingdom Hearts 3 seems unlikely. Regardless, some fans continue to dwell on such a possibility. This is due to Sora’s ambition to bring both Roxas and Xion back to life. However, in doing so, Sora may actually lose his own existence. Such a possibility is worth looking into further, especially with the approach of an ultimate sacrifice.

It’s worth noting that Sora is the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series. As such, killing him off might be a little implausible. Furthermore, series director Tetsuya Nomura previous stated that Kingdom Hearts 3 is the end of the Xehanort Saga, but not the Kingdom Hearts series as a whole. With this into account, the story will still go on even beyond the events of Kingdom Hearts 3. Therefore, it comes off as all the more improbable that the game would kill off Sora in the end.

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