The Evil Within 2 Gameplay
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The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Removes Forced Stealth & Combat

Recent news regarding The Evil Within 2 gameplay now details its stealth and combat aspects. Interestingly, the upcoming sequel will give players more freedom in terms of gameplay approaches. As per reports, the game will no longer force stealth and combat sections on players.

The Evil Within 2 Gameplay: Stealth and Combat

Game director Shinji Mikami shares that The Evil Within 2 gameplay ultimately breaks away from its predecessor. He reveals that the game will no longer force stealth and combat aspects unto players, thus giving them the freedom to progress in any method they choose. Mikami explains that this is due to The Evil Within 2 placing more focus on its narrative.

As some may already be aware, The Evil Within 2 still follows protagonist Sebastian Castellanos. However, Sebastian must re-enter the nightmarish world of the STEM in order to save his daughter Lily. Ultimately, it is the game’s story that will take the fore this time around.

Additionally, the game will come with two more difficulty levels called “Survival” and “Nightmare.” This adds yet another layer of challenges that players can opt for. It’s worth noting, though, that Mikami actually recommends players to begin with “Casual” mode. Perhaps The Evil Within 2 will be notably harder than its predecessor?

The Evil Within 2 Adds Customization

As previously reported, The Evil Within 2 includes a distinct feature of customization. For the sequel, customization will be much more elaborate than in the first The Evil Within game. For one, players will be able to utilize Green Gel in order to customize the game’s protagonist, Sebastian.

Tweaking Sebastian branches out to different aspects. These include Health, Recovery, Combat, Stealth, and Athleticism. By updating certain sections of Sebastian’s abilities, players will be able to unlock other skills to be utilized. With this, a player can tailor their gameplay according to a style that suits them best.

An example of this manifesting in the game is when a player prioritizes Combat as they upgrade Sebastian’s abilities. Levelling up Combat will later unlock the Bullet Cascade skill. This ability grants Sebastian even more damage for his attacks. Consequently, this will sway a player’s approach to the game, as it will make for a more aggressive style of gameplay.

Weapons can also be upgraded, granting gear new abilities to be unlocked. Firearm upgrades can also manifest in the form of improved fire rate and ammunition capacity. Furthermore, The Evil Within 2 will feature a crafting system that will allow players to forge their own ammunition and other weapons from items picked up in the game.

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