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Project Cars 2 Will Look Better On Xbox One X Than PS4 Pro

The motorsport racing video game, Project CARS 2, will run better on Microsoft’s newest console, the XBox One X, compared to its fierce competitor, the PlayStation 4 Pro – this according to video game director Stephen Viljoen. Here is why.

Xbox One X, Superior Race

Microsoft is confident that the next generation of their gaming console, the Xbox One X, is the most powerful in the market today. In fact, the tech company boasted that it has 40 percent more power than Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro.

The console wars continue, but Project Cars 2 is only one proof that the Xbox One X is the superior platform. In an interview with Trusted Reviews, Viljoen talked about the racing game and the differences between playing it with a PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X.

“I can’t tell you exactly what all the various sliders will be at when you’re on Xbox One X versus on PS4 Pro, but obviously they’ll be higher [on Xbox One X],” he explained. “[S]o there will be a significant, a noticeable improvement, because you have better hardware.”

It is no surprise that the game would look and feel better on the Microsoft console. For one, the Xbox One X offers 6 teraflops compared to the PS4 Pro’s 4.12 teraflops. Xbox One X also has 326GB/s and a 12GB GDDR5 compared to the PS4 Pro’s 218GB/s and 8 GB of GDDR5. See the full specs here.

The PC version of the game, meanwhile, will perform better on a more powerful hardware. Viljoen is clearly impressed with the Xbox One X which, he claimed, is a “great piece of hardware.” He also added that the developer is looking forward to making the most out of it.”

The Ferrari Enters The Race

Project Cars 2 will feature more than 170 cars and over 60 tracks. In addition, it was announced earlier this month that the racing game added Italian sports car brand, Ferrari, to the mix. A total of ten Ferraris will be available for use.

Project Cars 2 will launch on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Sept. 22. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Xbox One X will be released on Nov. 7 for $500.

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