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Pokemon Go Update Adds Shiny Pikachu & Shiny Raichu

The latest Pokemon Go update now adds Shiny Pikachu to its roster. Subsequently, the hit mobile game also includes a Shiny Raichu as well. Notably, though, sightings of the aforementioned Pokemon have only manifested in Japan thus far.

Pokemon Go Update Adds Shiny Pikachu and Shiny Raichu

As per reports, a Shiny Pikachu was spotted in the Pikachu Outbreak Festival. As some may know, the aforementioned festival is currently taking place in Yokohama, Japan. Attendees of the festivities claim that they have managed to capture a Shiny Pikachu. Allegedly, the Shiny Pikachu sports somewhat darker fur. With Raichu being Pikachu’s evolution, a Shiny Raichu will consequently become available to players. That is, so long as they have a Shiny Pikachu in their roster.

Though a Shiny Pikachu was recently spotted, it remains unknown if the special Pokemon will become available to other fans around the world. However, reports share that players are now clamoring for Shiny Pikachu and Shiny Raichu’s worldwide availability. With this, some fans continue to hope that a Shiny Pikachu and Shiny Raichu will become universally available soon enough.

Pokemon Go Update: Shiny Pichu in the Works?

On top of the exciting Shiny Pikachu and Shiny Raichu news, some fans now allege that a Shiny Pichu may become available somewhere down the road. Such a discovery was made thanks to several fans doing some investigating into the game’s code. Regardless, it’s worth noting that a Shiny Pichu in Pokemon Go has yet to be officially confirmed.

Furthermore, there are now rumors regarding a Shiny Ash Hat Pikachu surfacing as well. Beyond this, there is some evidence that suggests a Shiny Santa Hat Pikachu may become available also. Such applies to the Raichu and Pichu counterparts, if these rumors are to be believed. However, as to how these editions can be acquired — and if these Hat Types will make a comeback at all — remains unknown.

Legendary Zapdos in Pokemon Go

As previously reported, the Legendary Zapdos is also now available to fans of the game. Reportedly, Zapdos will show up during Gym Raid Battles. Take note, though, that its availability comes at a limited time period only. Thus, players must make haste with Zapdos, as it will only be available until August 14.

With Zapdos being such a rare Pokemon, it is anticipated to boast of having high Combat Power. As such, players must work together in order to take down the Legendary Pokemon and reap the benefits of its defeat.

Besides Zapdos, other Legendary Pokemon that have become available as of late include the likes of Ice-Type Articuno, Dark-Type Lugia, and Fire-Type Moltres. Allegedly, Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh is also slated to show up in due time as well.

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