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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney to be Available on Nintendo 3DS, Adds New Features

Ace Attorney fans now have something exciting to look forward to! As per reports, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will become available for the Nintendo 3DS at last. Notably, however, the game may not have a physical release. Instead, it will become available on the Nintendo eShop as a digital download.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on the Nintendo 3DS

Reports reveal that Apollo Justice will be made available on the Nintendo eShop this November. It will allegedly cost $19.99. The game’s availability on the Nintendo 3DS platform is all the more exciting due to the new features it will come with.

One such feature relies on the Nintendo 3DS and its capabilities. With the device’s features into play, fans can more thoroughly examine pieces of evidence and areas of investigation with a 360 degree view. Additionally, the Nintendo 3DS port of Apollo Justice will also come with the option of skipping text. It will also allow players to switch back and forth between the game’s English and Japanese editions.

With Apollo Justice coming to the Nintendo 3DS, improvements in graphics are a definite feature to be expected. Whether or not the game’s graphics will make use of the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS remains unknown.

What is Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney?

For the uninitiated, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is the fourth entry in the Ace Attorney franchise. Notably, it breaks away from the first three games in that it stars the character Apollo Justice as its protagonist. Phoenix Wright, the protagonist of the first three Ace Attorney titles, takes a backseat in Apollo Justice. This time around, Phoenix takes on a more mentor role for Apollo.

Apollo Justice takes place seven years after the events of its predecessor, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations. In Apollo Justice, Phoenix has been stripped of his attorney’s badge. This thus makes way for Apollo to be the main controllable player in his game.

In lieu of the previous games’ Magatama, Apollo Justice introduces Apollo’s “Perceive” ability. This allows him to pinpoint certain nervous habits during witness testimonies. Players are thus tasked to find these mannerisms in order to unfold testimonies even further.

Like all Ace Attorney games, players take on the role of an attorney as they engage in several cases and attempt to prove their clients’ innocence. Apollo Justice was first released for the Nintendo DS back in 2007. With the coming of its Nintendo 3DS version, fans will be able to explore Apollo’s story yet again. Only this time, they will be able to enjoy it with fully updated graphics.

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