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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Characters Add Ghost Rider

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite now sees a new addition in the form of Ghost Rider. The character’s inclusion in the upcoming game may not come as too much of a surprise to some fans, though. Regardless, how Infinite will translate Ghost Rider into the game is an interesting venture that some may be keeping their eyes on.

Ghost Rider in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

The big reveal of Ghost Rider joining the Infinite cast comes from a new variant cover of Marvel’s The Defenders. The cover shows the aforementioned character clashing with Capcom’s own Morrigan. As to how Ghost Rider will perform in the game is still unknown. However, this is what makes his inclusion all the more exciting and interesting for fans.

Ghost Rider made a previous appearance in the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise with 2011’s Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. How his dynamic will work with the rest of the characters in Infinite is still up in the air. Furthermore, as to which Ghost Rider the game will include is still unknown as well. For all anyone knows, his identity may be kept in the dark for the entirety of the game.

Dormammu and Firebrand

The announcement of Ghost Rider’s inclusion comes in the same fashion as the game’s previous reveal of their latest additions with Dormammu and Firebrand. As previously reported, Capcom took to Facebook in order to announce the inclusion of Dormammu and Firebrand. As is the case with the Ghost Rider announcement, the revelation of Dormammu and Firebrand came in the form of a Marvel Comics variant cover as well.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite: Chun-Li Controversy

Previous reports reveal that Capcom would look into addressing the controversial Chun-Li design in the game. As some may be aware, Chun-Li’s face was nearly unrecognizable in her initial Infinite reveal. Consequently, fans expressed concern for the character’s looks. With Chun-Li being a longtime staple in the Capcom universe, passionate reactions from fans were almost expected.

Notably, Chun-Li was not the only character whose face saw some altering in Infinite. Devil May Cry protagonist Dante looked drastically different in his Infinite iteration as well. Initially, Capcom remained mum on such criticisms. However, they have now addressed the issue with promises of tweaking the characters’ designs.

“The development team is hard at work finishing the game for the September 19 release date, based on the feedback we hear, we are currently making improvements to Chun-Li as well as other Capcom characters,” Capcom explains. “Since the work is still in progress, we don’t have anything final to show you just yet, but stay tuned.”

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