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Injustice 2 Finally Adds Starfire; Moveset Revealed

Starfire is ready to battle in Injustice 2During a live stream event with NetherRealm, it was announced that the other-worldly former Teen Titan is coming as a DLC character in the superhero fighting video game this week.


Starfire is one of the most popular female superheroes from DC Comics, having appeared as a member of Teen Titans in an animated series and as well as a few animated movies. She also headlines her own comic book series.

To start, NetherRealm warned that Koriand’r a.k.a. Starfire is a starter character and, therefore, cannot offer a wide range of skill set compared to other heroes. They said (via Game Spot) that her moves are rather straightforward i.e. she can fly as well as create weapons and projectiles out of her green energy. Of course, she can also be of use in hand-to-hand combat.

What is more exciting is that she can transform into her sister, Blackfire. This gives her a different hair and fire colors. Other shaders include god and demons.

See video below.

Starfire will be available for people who own Injustice 2 Deluxe or Ultimate Edition. The character will be added to the fighting game starting Aug. 8.

More Teen Titans

The character’s Arcade Ending has also surfaced online this week. It short video gives fans a hint at the fate of her fellow Teen Titans. “Back in the day, this victory would have called for a party at Titans Tower,” the voiceover said. “The music, the laughter, the mustard with pizza on bottom. But, these days, I have no party mates.”

She continued to recount what happened to each of her former team-mates. Raven, for example, became a servant of her evil father, Trigon. Meanwhile, Cyborg joined Superman’s Regime. Beast Boy, Starfire said, has been missing and was presumed dead. Her boyfriend, Dick Grayson, is dead and gone.

Her story did end happily as she finds a new team, but the story would strike a chord to fans of the Teen Titans. That said, it seems unlikely that Injustice 2 might introduce more Teen Titans as DLC. As Starfire herself said, she is the last of the Titans.

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