Hitman Dev Reacts To Surprising Square Enix-IO Interactive Fallout

The developer of Hitman was also surprised to hear that popular game publisher Square Enix has axed IO Interactive from the development of the first-shooter game. In a new interview, Martin Emborg, CEO of Ultra Ultra and one of the developers of the 2016 hit, has aired his reaction regarding the fallout between the two studios.

The Fallout

Earlier this year, Square Enix announced that they would “withdraw” from IO Interactive, the Danish studio behind the successful Hitman franchise. The video game publisher also made it known that it is actively searching for a potential new investor to pick up the studio.

The decision was a surprise to many, including Emborg who worked on the game before departing from the project mid-production. From his own experience, he has nothing but good things to say about IO.

“It was so cool to see it come out… I think they nailed it,” he said about the game as quoted by PCGamesN. “They seemed to deliver on stuff that was promised since the first game really, but never materialised, and it jived super well with the format that they went with.”

That said, he was also surprised by what has transpired between Square Enix and IO Interactive. However, the quality and eventual success of Hitman is not the only reason why Emborg was surprised about the split. He also added that IO was the only studio within Square Enix that had an experience with episodic games as well as a service product. So, like everyone else, Emborg is curious about how the company will handle their other projects, including the episodic Final Fantasy 7 remake, moving forward.

The Future of Hitman

The Ultra Ultra founder is also delighted to hear that IO Interactive has retained the IP of Hitman. He assured fans that the studio’s separation from Square Enix could be a blessing in disguise, saying that the Danish studio should use their new-found independence in order to ” do something crazy.”

IO is already doing exactly that. This is XBox reported that the studio recently posted a job opening on LinkedIn. Based on the post, the site assumed that the studio might be bringing multiplayer to Hitman and other projects. While it did not specifically name Hitman, the ad could mean bigger and better things at IO Interactive. Perhaps a new video game franchise is about to be born.

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