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GTA 5 Update Adds New Mode & HVY Nightshark Vehicle

The latest GTA 5 update is now available. With it comes a new mode that players can enjoy, along with a new vehicle that they can utilize in gameplay. Here’s what you need to know.

GTA 5 Update Adds Overtime Shootout

The game’s latest update includes a new Adversary mode known as Overtime Shootout. A tweaked version of Overtime Rumble, Overtime Shootout still allows players to drive a vehicle down a ramp in order to land on a specific target. What’s notably different in Overtime Shootout, however, is that it allows players to pursue targets on their own time.

As some fans may know, Overtime Rumble involves players landing on targets at the same time. With Overtime Shootout, players need not worry about other opponents getting in the way. Ultimately, this gives players more accuracy when landing on targets. Additionally, Overtime Shootout will give out double RP (reputation) and in-game money until August 14.

HVY Nightshark Vehicle in Latest GTA 5 Update

On top of Overtime Shootout, the update also adds in the HVY Nightshark vehicle. This is similar to the original Nightshark. However, this time around, it boasts of more armor and machine guns at the front. With this, players will be able to deal massive amounts of damage to opponents.

Besides Overtime Shootout and the HVY Nightshark, the newest update also provides some discounts. The likes of the Mobile Operations Center, Vehicle Workshop, and the new Mk 11 ammo — among several other inclusions — can now be purchased at 25% off until August 14.

What is GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto 5, otherwise known as GTA 5, is an action-adventure video game from Rockstar Games. Initially released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2013, it follows the same format as other games under the GTA franchise. Notably, however, GTA 5 boasts of the biggest map to date. Players can thus explore to their hearts’ content thanks to the game’s open-world format.

The game features several elements that are classic to the GTA series. This includes car chases, heists, and several other missions in story mode. GTA 5 also features an online multiplayer mode. This allows fans to play together in either cooperative or competitive missions.

Though GTA 5 has an impressive sales record under its belt, it isn’t without its own share of controversies. As is the case with some other GTA titles, GTA 5 came under fire for its explicit content. This includes its depiction of women, as well as a graphic hostage interrogation scene that takes place during the game’s main story.

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