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Splatoon 2 Leak Reveals New Weapons, Maps, & Game Modes

A recent Splatoon 2 leak now reveals some new additions for fans to enjoy the game even further. According to reports, the title is set to include some new weapons and maps. Additionally, there seems to be a hint of a new playable character in the horizon. Though such additions have yet to be confirmed, they already appear to be promising ventures for fans to keep their eyes on.

Splatoon 2 Leak: New Maps, Weapons, and a Male Octoling?

As per reports, Redditor OatmealDome details the aforementioned leak and what it includes. They reveal two new maps which are referred to as “Line” and “Tunnel.” Additionally, there seem to be upcoming tweaks to Kelp Dome and Blackbelly Skatepark from the first Splatoon game.

The leak also includes a testing version of Shifty Station. As some may know, this is the online multiplayer stage that is exclusive to Splatfests. Furthermore, developers may have inclusions to Salmon Run if this leak is to be believed. Allegedly, Salmon Run may boast of new stages called “Shakehouse” and “Threepoints.”

Meanwhile, in terms of weapons, it seems the game will see new Grizzco-brand hardware in the form of a Charger, a Brella, and a Blaster. To note, the Charger allows players to make a powerful shot while the Blaster shoots ink in a more spread out fashion. The Brella, on the other hand, is a short-range shotgun.

Notably, the leak includes a new weapon altogether. Called the Squeezer, this new weapon will reportedly feature semi-automatic fire. It will also allow for more long-range attacks.

On the topic of characters, there seems to be a hint of a male Octoling on the way. This is due to dataminers finding a mention of an “OctBoy.” As some fans may know, a male, humanoid Octoling has yet to make an appearance in the game. Thus, this leak hints at the potential of allowing players to take control of rival Octolings somewhere down the road.

It’s worth noting that despite all the information that was exploited by dataminers, the folks at Nintendo have yet to make any confirmation on the aforementioned additions. Regardless, some fans remain hopeful that the coming updates will manifest all these features sooner or later.

What is Splatoon 2?

For the uninitiated, Splatoon 2 is a team-based first-person shooter video game. Released in July, it is the sequel to Splatoon which saw a release back in 2015 for the Wii U. Players take control of Inklings and make use of colors to attack opponents. The game was developed and published by Nintendo and is exclusive for the Nintendo Switch.

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