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Pokémon Go: Legendary Pokémon Zapdos Now Available

Another legendary Pokemon has appeared on Niantic’s popular augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon Go. This time, players have the chance to catch the Electric-type bird, Zapdos. Read on to learn how.

Zapdos Appears

For the past few weeks, Niantic has been releasing hard-to-catch Pokemon on Pokemon Go. In the past, players were able to battle and capture the likes of Lugia, a Dark-type, and Articuno, Ice-type.

As was in previous Legendaries, Zapdos will appear during Gym Raid Battles, but only for a limited time. In order to capture the legendary Pokemon, multiple players have to work together in order to take down the creature. Because it is a rare Pokemon, Zapdos is also expected to have a ridiculously high Combat Power. Hence, taking it down would be a group effort.

Once defeated, players will have the chance to capture Zapdos and add it to their Pokemon teams. However, those who want to capture the Legendary Pokemon must move fast. Zapdos will only be available to be caught until next week, Aug. 14.

Zapdos is not the first and the last Legendary Pokemon to be added in Pokemon Go. Moltres, a fire/flying Pokemon, was released by Niantic just last week. Game Spot also noted that the final Legendary bird, Ho-Oh, is also set to appear in the mobile game sometime in the near future.

Shiny Zapdos

Meanwhile, Comicbook.com reported that some players had noticed a Shiny version of Zapdos on Pokemon Go. To the uninitiated, shiny-types are really rare variants of normal Pokemon. Players can identify if the Pokemon is a shiny because of its alternate color schemes or an entirely different color altogether.

In this case, the Zapdos spotted on the mobile game has nearly identical colors to the normal Zapdos. However, instead of a yellow-toned beak and legs, the Shiny Zapdos has an orange tint.

The site also pointed out that Niantic also added Shiny versions of other Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

However, it looks like capturing a Shiny Zapdos will be even more challenging. Some players report that, upon capturing a Zapdos, they do not get the same “shiny sparkle” or “shiny icon” on the in-game Pokedex. They also do not get a warning whenever they transfer a Zapdos.

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