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Kingdom Hearts 3 Spoilers Hint at Sora’s Possible Death

Could Kingdom Hearts 3 actually kill off its own main character? Such a venture seems rather unlikely. Nevertheless, some fans seem to believe that the possibility of protagonist Sora meeting his end shouldn’t be disregarded so easily. If this is the case, then how exactly will Sora die?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Spoilers: Will Sora Die?

Redditor FirelordOzal11 believes that KH3 may spell out the end of Sora once and for all. This is due to his efforts in bringing back Roxas and Xion. As many fans may already know, Roxas and Xion are literally a part of Sora. As such, bringing them back could mean Sora’s own demise.

Considering Sora is the hero of the story, killing him off as an ultimate sacrifice is a possibility that cannot be simply shrugged off so easily. KH3 may be the end of the Xehanort Saga, but it may actually be the end of the road for Sora himself as well.

Though this is an interesting theory on its own, some argue that killing off Sora is more unlikely than anything. Some fans note that there may be other methods of bringing back Roxas and Xion without Sora being ultimately affected. It’s also worth noting that Sora isn’t the only character whom fans have made death theories for. The likes of Sora’s best friend Riku and even Keyblade Master Aqua have been speculated to be on the chopping board once KH3 rolls in.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Deaths

As mentioned, some fans have come up with theories on their own that suggest the deaths of other Kingdom Hearts characters. Riku and Aqua are popular contenders surrounding death theories, though it’s worth noting that their potential deaths are just as unlikely as Sora’s. This is due to their popularity and importance in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Previous reports detail Aqua’s strong standing amongst fans of the franchise. Killing her off may consequently upset a lot of Kingdom Hearts fans. Meanwhile, Riku is considered to be the deuteragonist of the entire series. He has established himself as an important factor in the story. Thus, having him killed off in KH3 may not be such a fruitful venture should it come to be.

Interestingly, one character who could die is Terra. His body housing Xehanort ultimately puts him at risk of being terminated at the final showdown. Xehanort’s defeat may thus mean Terra’s own demise as an after effect.

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