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The Last of Us 2: Why Fans are Sure It’s Set in Seattle

Though not much is known about The Last of Us 2 thus far, many fans believe that the game will be set in Seattle, Washington. This is due to several pieces of evidence surfacing online that suggest at such a location. Most recently, new footage seems to further substantiate the speculation of the game featuring a Seattle location.

Proof of Seattle in The Last of Us 2

To recap, previous reports revealed that fans managed to point out certain Seattle landmarks in the upcoming sequel. For one, there are several parking signs and buildings shown in the sequel’s trailer that match areas in Seattle. One landmark, in particular, features an “S” on a sign shown in the trailer. As some netizens point out, there are street signs in Washington that are nearly identical to the one shown in the sequel.

Additionally, the “Driftwood” building from the game’s concept art matches an exact location in Seattle. Fans made use of Google Maps to accurately pinpoint such an area. Furthermore, one Redditor named Voldsby points out the plant life featured in concept art for the game. As Voldsby points out, the concept art shows a specific type of fern which is speculated to be the western swordfern.

This is a noteworthy detail, as the western swordfern is a type of foliage native to North America. In this case, it would be Washington. As such, the appearance of the fern only further supports the speculations of the game being set in Seattle.

New Evidence of Seattle in The Last of Us 2

Most recently, there is now even more proof that reinforces the notion of the game being set in Seattle. Concept art for the upcoming title allegedly features a parking garage located on 1st Avenue in Seattle. As with the Driftwood building, fans took to Google Maps to confirm their suspicions. As it turns out, the garage is utilized as a parking area next to the Millennium Tower.

Whether or not the game will indeed be set in Seattle remains unknown. However, it’s worth noting that if the game features Seattle, the area may not be the only location for the story. As some fans may recall, the first The Last of Us title saw protagonists Joel and Ellie traveling to different parts of America. Such locations included the likes of Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

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