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Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Developer Reveals What Game To Play First

Dontnod is already hard at work developing a sequel to 2015’s breakout hit, Life is Strange. In the mean time, the story continues in Before the Storm, a prequel that recounts the events three years before the Max Caulfield discovers the ability to go back in time and save her home town from a brewing storm. In the new game, lead writer Zak Garris and Deck Nine producer David Hein answer whether players have to finish the original game before tackling the prequel.

The Story of Chloe

Before the Storm centers on Chloe Price, the 16-year-old who was also an important player in Life is Strange. To recall, in the original video game, Max, a 12th-grade student, witnesses her classmate, Nathan Prescott, kill her childhood friend, Chloe Price. At that moment, Max developed the ability to go back in time and, in doing so, saved her friend from getting murdered. As they say, the rest is history.

Chloe became Max’s confidant and was a constant presence throughout all five episodes of the adventure video game. However, developers Garris and Hein do not think that players need to complete Life is Strange in order to enjoy Before the Storm.

“It’s really intentional for us that no matter which title you come to first, you can play through it, enjoy it, and then go play the other title,” Hein explains to Gamespot. “Nothing in our game will spoil anything from the original game.”

He also added that those who enjoyed Life of Strange would also discover a few familiar faces and places in Before the Storm. “It will be a lot of fun and are kind of Easter Eggs, in a way,” he stated. Meanwhile, Garris agrees. He added that he hopes that players will play both games.

Before Max

Meanwhile, Chris Floyd, co-director of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, also talked about the prequel’s heroine. On Twitter (via Segment Next), he pointed out that Chloe is very different from Max, saying that the former is destructive and ruins everything on her way.

In the prequel, Chloe is still the same snarky, confrontational, thieving young woman albeit without her signature blue hair. Fans will discover that her often unpleasant attitude is rooted from her grief of losing her father and her best friend.

Moreover, Floyd also argued that the absence of time travel in the prequel gives every decision that the player makes have gravitas. He warned, “you’re really going to agonize over them.” Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 will be released on Aug. 31. It will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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