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Kingdom Hearts 3 Spoilers May Explore Aqua’s Guilt, Terra May Die

Could Kingdom Hearts 3 delve deeper into the character of Aqua? This is what some fans now come to believe. In particular, the upcoming game may explore the guilt that Aqua may feel. But why would Aqua feel guilty — and what for — in the first place?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Spoilers: Aqua’s Guilt

Some fans speculate that Aqua may dwell in her guilt when KH3 comes out. As Redditor captainjjb84 points out, Aqua may feel some inkling of guilt due to the events that take place in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. As some may recall, Aqua spares Terra-Xehanort in BBS. Ultimately, this leads to Terra-Xehanort — and other incarnations of Xehanort — manifesting in the future of the Kingdom Hearts universe.

With this taken into account, the events that take place in the Kingdom Hearts games that chronologically followed were indirectly caused by Aqua’s actions to a certain extent. She may consequently feel guilty for such. KH3 venturing into such a prospect would definitely make for an interesting character arc, though. It would show yet another facet into Aqua in the long run.

Will Terra Die in Kingdom Hearts 3?

The theory goes on to explore the possibility of KH3’s final showdown concluding with the death of Terra himself. This may interestingly involve Aqua’s realization that defeating Xehanort may lead to the death of Terra. Such a theory has yet to be confirmed. However, it’s worth noting that Terra’s body does house the entity of Xehanort. As such, it is a possibility that may have some credibility to it.

Other Possible Deaths

Previous reports share that it may actually be Aqua who dies in KH3. Rumors of her supposed death continue to circulate, and there’s no denying that such a possibility would add even more drama to the story. On the other hand, Aqua’s popularity with Kingdom Hearts fans is something to take into consideration. Killing her in the story may ward off audiences instead of luring them back in.

Other speculations hint at the deaths of even Riku and Lea. For Lea, it would be a matter of sacrifice. However, just like Aqua, Lea is also quite popular amongst fans. Killing him off may do more harm than good.

Meanwhile, in Riku’s case, death may symbolize the culmination of his character arc and its completion. Though this may be a possibility, Redditor AlphaBaymax argues that Riku is too important a character to simply kill off. They point out that Riku is ultimately the deuteragonist of Kingdom Hearts. As such, his role in the story reverberates despite being part of the plot’s supporting cast.

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