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Mario Kart Wii Secret Mission Mode Discovered by Gamer

The Nintendo Switch may be all the rage right now, but this unearthed new feature could make gamers remove the dust off of their Nintendo Wii consoles. A gamer found what was once the Mission Mode for the Mario Kart Wii.

Secret Mission

The Mission Mode was not an official feature of the game. Rather, it was something that did not make it into the final cut. The only reason YouTube user MrBeat35000vr was able to discover the hidden gem was because he specializes in hacking as well as video streaming. On his YouTube channel last weekend, he posted a video that showcases the hidden Mission Mode for Marion Kart Wii.

Watch below.

If the Mission Mode sounds familiar, that is because the feature has been available on Mario Kart DS for the Nintendo DS. Why it was scrapped nobody knows, but it was an interesting find nonetheless.

“The menus for Mission Mode have no available text, but the game is trying to load them; they’ve simply been erased,” he explained in the video. “Similarly, a massive file that would’ve contained mission parameters is not present, and without it, the mode can’t start, unless you simulate its existence, which is what I did.”

The Mario Kart Wii was released in 2008, and it fared pretty well in terms of global sales. However, one could not stop and imagine how far better it would sell if it included the Mission Mode and perhaps more challenges for the players.

Mario Kart VR

The Mission Mode might have been a nice addition for the Mario Kart Wii and other Mario Kart games, but there are bigger and more exciting plans for one of the most popular video game characters in the world. Nintendo Everything reported that a Mario Kart GP VR is currently in development and, based on a leaked gameplay, it looks awesome.

The virtual reality experience will be available in Japanese arcades, and some might even make it to the U.K. in the coming years. However, there is no word yet on whether these glorious arcade game will be available elsewhere in the world.

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