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The Evil Within 2 Gameplay: How Customization Works

New details regarding The Evil Within 2 and its gameplay now come to light. In particular, new reports detail how the upcoming title’s customization system works. Reportedly, the game will allow players to customize not only weapons but stats as well. This ultimately adds to the gameplay experience that fans will enjoy, as it allows for customizable play styles in general.

The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Adds Customization Features

So how does the game’s customization system work? According to reports, the sequel’s customization is much more elaborate than that of its predecessor’s. Green Gel will be utilized to tailor protagonist Sebastian. It will also allow players to make adjustments to his gear.

Options for Sebastian’s customization branch out to Health, Combat, Recovery, Athleticism, and Stealth. It’s worth noting that banking on stat updates will open up doors to other skills. This will ultimately affect a player’s gameplay, as it will forge the method of how they will approach foes and tasks in the game.

One clear example is when a player prioritizes Combat as part of their upgrade. This will, later on, unlock the Bullet Cascade skill, which gives Sebastian’s attacks more damage. Thus, such an upgrade will make for a more aggressive mode of gameplay.

On the other hand, weapons will see upgrades in the form of Weapon Parts. Upgrading weapons will add new abilities. They may even tweak how firearms work in terms of ammo capacity and fire rate. Furthermore, The Evil Within 2 will reportedly have an elaborate crafting system. Such a feature will allow players to create their own ammunition and other weapons from items and scraps picked up in the game.

As it stands, the sequel to The Evil Within looks promising already. Fans still have a bit of waiting to do as the game will not be available until October. It is set to launch on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

What is The Evil Within?

For the uninitiated, The Evil Within is a third-person psychological horror video game which saw a release in 2014. Developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks, it boasts of having Resident Evil creator, Shinji Mikami, as its director.

The story follows detective Sebastian Castellanos who later finds himself thrust into a nightmarish world filled with monstrous creatures. Sebastian later goes up against the entity called Ruvik. The game’s sequel, meanwhile, focuses on Sebastian’s life after the events of the first game. He teams up with Mobius to save his daughter, Lily.

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