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Telltale’s Batman Game Promises More Major Changes To The Joker In Season 2 Launch Trailer

PlayStation has released the launch trailer for Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within, and it promises more changes ahead to the story of the Caped Crusader. While the story will revolve around the Riddler stirring trouble in Gotham City, it was last season’s surprise addition that stole the show. In Season 2 of the point-and-click adventure video game, the decisions that the player will make will mold Batman’s most iconic villain, the Joker.

Molding the Joker

The Joker did not appear in the video game series until halfway-through Season 1. However, instead of the Clown Prince of Crime, he was just “John Doe,” another patient at Arkham Asylum.

Moreover, this version of the popular comic book character is not antagonizing Batman. At least, not yet. The Joker that players will see in Season 2, The Enemy Within, is very friendly and sometimes helpful. His transformation into a villain will be the focus of the next installment.

In an interview with The Verge following the release of the game’s launch trailer, supervising director Kent Muddle talked about the Joker’s role in the series and how Batman (and the player) will have a hand at how the character will turn out. “We have a formative Joker, who is paying attention to what you’re doing,” he explained. “He’s watching how you solve problems and might be mirroring some of those back to you.”

The Joker does not really have just one origin story, but this one from Telltale is definitely an interesting take on the character. This version of the character even considers Bruce Wayne as a friend.

Veering Away From The Established Canon

The “malleable” Joker is in line with Telltale’s bigger plan to be different from the canon. Aside from the Clown Prince of Crime, the first season of the Batman series also introduced the Penguin who looked nothing like how he was depicted in the comics.

Of course, fans will also see a few major changes on The Evil Within‘s main villain, the Riddler. In the same interview, executive producer Sean O’Connor said that the game’s Edward Nigma would be more sadistic than his comic book counterpart. In fact, in the trailer down below, fans will see him holding a handsaw above someone’s head. Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 titled The Enigma will be released on Aug. 8.

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