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Here’s Why the PS5 Release Date Won’t Come Before 2020

Recent news suggests that the PS5 release date may meet a 2018 target. Other reports claim that there are predictions of a 2019 release. However, new developments now hint that Sony’s next generation console may not see the light of day until the year 2020.

PS5 Release Date in 2020?

Wedbush Securities serial analyst Michael Pachter believes that the PS5 will not see a release until 2019. “My expectation is that it’s not coming out in 2018,” he says. “[It’s] a 2019 or 2020 [release], but probably 2019.” Pachter adds that Sony may be looking into the timing of the PS5’s release in line with the 4K TV market. As such, 2019 may be a more fitting time frame than 2018, at least for Pachter.

However, it’s also worth noting that Pachter isn’t all that known for making correct predictions. Furthermore, Sony previously shared that the current generation of consoles may be the longest one yet. As such, 2019 may be the earliest target date for the PS5. Though this may be the case, a 2020 launch date is allegedly a better fit for Sony, especially with its current line of consoles.

It’s also worth noting that the PS4 is currently performing well in the industry. To put out a successor so soon — especially with the PS4’s positive reputation thus far — may throw off Sony’s momentum. Additionally, a 2019 release may still be a little bit premature in terms of hardware. The PS4 Pro is already capable of 4K, so the PS5 will have to be a step up from such capabilities.

Forbes agrees that 2018 may be too early a PS5 release date as well. The publication cites Sony’s current success in the market. Thus, it still has a lot of room to expand and flourish in its current generation of consoles.

When Will the PS5 Launch?

Analysts seem to be divided as to when the PS5 will truly launch. Whereas Pachter thinks it will release in 2019, Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong believes the PS5 will arrive in 2018. Some netizens may side with Thong on this one due to his history of making correct predictions.

As some may recall, Thong successfully predicted Sony’s PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro prior to their respective debuts. Thus, some fans may place serious consideration into his argument of a 2018 PS5 release. Nevertheless, only time will tell as to when Sony’s next console will truly reach fans and the gaming industry. Fans can only continue to be on the lookout for updates regarding the PS5 and its eventual release.

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