One Easy Way Players Can Finish Fullbright’s Sci-Fi Game Tacoma

Fullbright’s second video game, Tacoma, is now available for Xbox One and PC. The sci-fi game is set on a space station, and the mission is to piece out whatever happened to its crew. It sounds mysterious and exciting enough to make players explore the long corridors and the empty rooms, but there is one surefire way to finish the game – by doing absolutely nothing.

How To Beat The Game

This information came straight from the game writer and designer Steve Gaynor who revealed on Twitter that one could finish the game by simply standing by and waiting. Patience is a virtue, indeed.

For the uninitiated, Tacoma follows a woman named Amy Ferrer, a corporate contractor who responds to a distress call coming from the abandoned space station. Her task was to initiate data transfers, but that takes too long. Curious, explored and examine the station’s hologram ghost story and find out what exactly happened.

He confirmed that the data transfer takes three hours each to complete. So, that would take players about nine hours of doing absolutely nothing in order to finish the game.

Of course, walking around and experiencing the game would be the more enjoyable option and it has its perks, too! The data transfer would run even faster as the player interacts with the game.

Moreover, the game will not give players an achievement if they finish the game by waiting for the data transfer to finish like a “boring corporate stooge” as one Twitter user said. The development team eventually decided to refuse to give the player an achievement for simply being idle.

“[T]here was [an achievement] at one point,” Gaynor admitted. “[T]hen we realized it was a major d*** move to make people idle their game for 9 hours for a[n achievement].”

Why Tacoma is Different

As per IGN, Fullbright co-founder Karla Zimonja talked about the new game’s lack of conventional video game elements. Instead of a series of enemies, Tacoma removed the threat and the time pressure. Instead, like its spiritual predecessor Gone Home, the sci-fi game offers an interactive storytelling that is ambitious and, at the same time, affecting.

With Tacoma, Zimonja explained that the motivation to push the narrative forward is because of genuine curiosity rather than a show of skills. “[The game] allows the player the freedom to consider the world and explore the world in a way that they’re interested in,” she explained, “rather than, you know, trying to quickly do skill challenges or anything like that.”

Watch Tacoma‘s launch trailer below.

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