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Kingdom Hearts 3 Spoilers: Riku, Lea, & Aqua May Die

Kingdom Hearts 3 is quite the long-awaited title. Seeing as it still has a long way to go, not much is known about the anticipated game thus far. However, some fans have now come up with their own theories on what may take place in the upcoming sequel. Could some of the beloved characters from the Kingdom Hearts series meet their end sooner than later?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Spoilers: Will Riku, Lea, and Aqua Die?

As Redditor AlphaBaymax points out, there may be a possibility of certain characters meeting their end by the time KH3 rolls in. As per AlphaBaymax, theories regarding these three, in particular, continue to circulate. In Riku’s case, some fans believe his character arc has already reached its completion. As such, KH3 may be the culmination of his entire story in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Meanwhile, Lea may die as a means of sacrifice. This is especially after his turnover from Axel to Lea in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Killing off Aqua, on the other hand, would make for a lot of dramatics in the story. However, this is an arguable venture, considering Aqua’s growing popularity amongst Kingdom Hearts fans.

AlphaBaymax argues that KH3 killing off Riku, Lea, and Aqua seems rather unlikely. Aqua and Lea are quite the popular characters, for one. To kill them off may set off several concerns and upset reactions from fans. In the case of Riku, writing him out of the story may remove some depth from the plot, especially after his transition back to Sora’s side.

According to some, Riku is considered to be the deuteragonist of Kingdom Hearts. As such, he plays a vital role in the story. “You can’t just kill Riku off and force another character into the deuteragonist role,” writes AlphaBaymax, “because the deuteragonist has arguably left the most permanent mark as a supporting cast.” This definitely applies to Riku. As some fans may note, Riku’s actions have left a lot of repercussions — both good and otherwise — in their wake. To remove him from the story may seem unnecessary.

Will Kingdom Hearts 3 Kill Off Any Characters?

It remains unknown if KH3 will terminate any characters, to begin with. However, it’s worth noting that series director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that KH3 would mark the end of the franchise’s current story arc. Ultimately, this also signifies the end of the Xehanort Saga. As such, KH3 will kill off — if any — Xehanort and his several other iterations once and for all.

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