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Persona 5 Rhythm Game Confirmed For PS4 & PS Vita

Though Persona 5 is a fairly recent release, it now has a spinoff in the works. According to reports, P5 is set to receive a rhythm game in the same fashion as 2015’s Persona 4: Dancing All Night. P5 will not be the only Persona game set to receive a rhythm game spinoff, either. The ever popular Persona 3 will have a dancing game of its own as well.

Persona 5 and Persona 3 Rhythm Game Spinoffs

The upcoming spinoff games will reportedly be called Persona 5: Dancing Star Night and Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night. The two games are set for a release next year. As reports suggest, the two games may release simultaneously. Whether or not they will act as supplements for each other is unknown.

However, the upcoming P5 and P3 rhythm games may come as canon additions to the respective main story lines. This is based on the nature of Dancing All Night, which came as new content to further the P4 story. Not much is known about the upcoming spinoffs thus far. Reportedly, the games are set for a release on the PS4 and PS Vita.

Persona Q2 in the Works

On top of the announced rhythm games, Atlus also reveals that a sequel to 2014’s Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be released as well. Called Persona Q2, the title will allegedly be available on the Nintendo 3DS. This is similar to Persona Q, which was released on the same handheld platform.

Based on Persona Q2’s logo, the sequel may feature the cast of P5 as its main band of characters. As some fans may already know, Persona Q featured the characters from both P3 and P4. To see the cast of P5 in Persona Q2 will ultimately make for an interesting venture. However, it remains unknown if Persona Q2 will follow the same formula of its predecessor. That is, to put characters from two separate Persona games into one universe.

Persona 5 Anime

As previously reported, P5 is set to have an anime adaptation of its own. It will release sometime in 2018. Currently, it is in production by Atlus, alongside A-1 Pictures. Reports indicate that the original voice cast of P5’s Phantom Thieves will return for the project. With the announcement of a P5 anime, it’s clear that the game continues to grow in popularity.

P5 isn’t the first Persona game to receive an anime adaptation, though. As some may recall, P4 previously had its own anime called Persona 4: The Animation. It aired from October 2011 to March 2012. With the release of Persona 4 Golden, a second anime adaptation — called Persona 4: The Golden Animation — was launched in 2014.

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