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Final Fantasy 15 Update: Multiplayer Closed Beta Now Available

The latest Final Fantasy 15 update now includes the closed beta for the game’s multiplayer expansion. The Comrades DLC (downloadable content), which boasts of a multiplayer feature, will officially launch on August 3. However, some fans can already access the beta as early as now.

Final Fantasy 15 Update: Comrades DLC Closed Beta

It’s worth noting that the beta is only available for PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscribers. As such, it can be accessed via the PlayStation and Xbox stores. As reports indicate, the closed beta is set to run from August 3 up to August 8. Besides PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscribers, players who purchased the Final Fantasy 15 $25 Season Pass can partake in the beta.

What is the Comrades DLC?

Reportedly, the Comrades addition gives Final Fantasy 15 a new cooperative multiplayer mode for fans to enjoy. This diverges from the title’s main gameplay formula, which has fans experience the game as a single-player RPG (role-playing game). The Comrades expansion allows players to create up to eight avatars in order to complete tasks and defeat enemies. According to the Final Fantasy 15 website, future updates will allow players to take control of Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis later on.

Other aspects of the game, such as quests, weapons, and outposts, will see further additions once the full version of the DLC rolls in. However, seeing as it is still in its beta phase, only a small portion of the expansion’s features will be revealed. As to when the full expansion will release is still unknown.

Final Fantasy 15 Update With New Magitek Exosuits

In other news, the game’s most recent update finally makes the long-awaited Magitek Exosuits available. The set of armor was originally intended to see a much earlier release. However, this was ultimately delayed due to the suits’ strong similarities to that of the Power Rangers.

The new Magitek Exosuits have an updated look to them. Clearly, this was part of Square Enix’s efforts to stray from the Power Rangers image. To recount, the Magitek Exosuits grant players 30 minutes of invincibility per day. Once the invincibility wears off, players may opt to continue wearing the suits in-game.

The update also brings in a new quest called O Partner, My Partner. Additionally, it brings in a new “Cross Chain” collaboration system. This allows players to deal even more damage to defensive enemies by raising the number of linked attacks. Furthermore, the Moogle Chocobo Carnival makes a comeback. As per reports, it is slated to run until late September.

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