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Nintendo Switch Update: How to Fix Battery Display Issue

The latest Nintendo Switch update now addresses the incessant battery issue. A new firmware update aims to attend to the hybrid console’s battery problems, particularly its battery charge indicator. This is on top of the usual tweaks in the performance that the update brings.

Nintendo Switch Update 3.0.1: What to Expect

As per reports, some Switch users claim that their console does not show its remaining battery life correctly. This poses quite the problem for some fans, seeing as the Switch could easily go from fully charged to nearly empty in a short period. On the other hand, it may not show that the Switch’s battery is ready to go in spite of staying charged for several hours.

Despite the latest update intending to address this issue, Nintendo adds that it may not resolve the problem immediately for some users. It provides an alternative method to fix the problem instead. However, this manual approach is deemed more time-consuming than anything. Thus, some users may forego the hassle of manually fixing the battery issue entirely.

How to Manually Fix the Nintendo Switch’s Battery Problem

Users must first make sure that their Switch is up to date. Thus, the following steps apply to system menu version 3.0.1 or higher. Next, the Auto-Sleep mode must be set to “Never” for “Playing on Console Screen” and for “Connected to TV.”

After this, the Switch must be directly connected to its AC adapter. This should stay on until the battery is fully charged. However, if the battery charge indicator fails to reach 100%, leaving the Switch to charge for about three hours will suffice. Take note that the console can still be used while in charge.

When the battery reaches a full charge, the Switch must be left alone for an hour while attached to the AC adapter. Once the hour passes, the AC adapter must be disconnected. Then, leave the Switch to display the HOME Menu. This should go on for about three to four hours. The main intention of this step is to drain the Switch’s battery as much as possible.

Afterward, users must power off the Switch when the battery charge is nearly empty. To do so, hold down the Power Button for three seconds. After such, select “Power Options” and then choose “Turn Off.” Nintendo instructs users to leave the Switch alone for at least 30 minutes following all these steps.

Should the problem persist, users are advised to repeat all the steps once again. Allegedly, the battery charge indicator will slowly show some improvement through the repetition of the aforementioned instructions. Ultimately, the latest Nintendo Switch update seems to be more time-consuming and inconvenient than anything. Regardless, it’s still one way to work around the Switch’s battery display problem.

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