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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Cast Adds Firebrand & Dormammu

The cast of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite characters now sees an addition in the form of two notable antagonists. These two characters are none other than Doctor Strange’s Dormammu, as well as Firebrand from Ghost n’ Goblins. Here’s what you need to know.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Reveals Inclusion of Dormammu and Firebrand

The revelation of Dormammu and Firebrand being included in Infinite comes from the game’s developer, Capcom. As per reports, Capcom took to Facebook to announce the characters’ inclusion. Interestingly, the developer made the reveal through a Marvel Comics variant cover. The image shows both Dormammu and Firebrand facing off amidst the chaos behind them.

According to reports, the first gameplay footage showing off the two characters in action will be revealed at this year’s Gamescom on August 22. The inclusion of both Dormammu and Firebrand bumps up Infinite’s character roster to 30 fighters thus far. Though this update may be some good news for fans, it may come as a disappointment to others.

Allegedly, some fans may be a bit let down by Infinite’s current selection of fighters. This is due to the fact that the game’s line up features several characters who were in previous Marvel vs. Capcom titles. As such, Infinite may come off as a rehash of older Marvel vs. Capcom entries despite being a new game altogether. Regardless, Infinite still features its own set of new additions. This would include Gamora of Guardians of the Galaxy and Nightstalkers’ Jedah.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Addresses Chun-Li Controversy

Recently, Capcom announced that it would fix longtime favorite Chun-Li. In particular, the developer would address Chun-Li’s face. As reports reveal, Chun-Li sported quite a different face when she was first revealed in Infinite. This prompted many fans to express concern regarding the character’s looks. Chun-Li is arguably a staple in the Capcom universe, after all. As such, it seemed almost necessary that such an issue be brought to Capcom’s attention.

Chun-Li wasn’t the only character whose face seemed botched in Infinite. Dante of the Devil May Cry franchise seemed to have a bit of a downgrade in his looks as well. Though Capcom initially avoided such criticisms, the developer has now released a statement regarding these complaints.

“The development team is hard at work finishing the game for the September 19 release date, and based off the feedback we heard, we are currently making improvements to Chun-Li as well as other Capcom characters,” writes Capcom. “Since the work is still in progress, we don’t have anything final to show you just yet, but stay tuned.”

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