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The Last of Us 2 Gameplay Could Feature a Younger Joel

Could The Last of Us 2 gameplay feature a younger iteration of Joel? Some fans now dwell on this idea. As some may know, The Last of Us 2 will reportedly have Ellie as its main character. However, having a younger Joel may show a different side to the character, especially in terms of his abilities.

Will The Last of Us 2 Gameplay Have a Younger Joel?

The notion of a younger Joel in The Last of Us 2 gameplay remains to be a theory for the time being. Despite it being mere speculation as of late, it is definitely a venture worth looking into. This is because a younger Joel could translate to a character who is still learning his footing in a post-apocalyptic world.

The theory particularly dives into the beginning of the first The Last of Us game. Should this become a reality, fans may experience The Last of Us right after the untimely death of Joel’s daughter. It is this key event that could ultimately make for a whole new The Last of Us experience.

Playing a younger Joel who is still processing the death of his daughter could translate into a more brash and unpredictable character. For one, this is the beginning of the apocalypse. Meaning, Joel is still coming out of his everyday life. Ultimately, this would translate to a Joel who has no fighting experience whatsoever. It would make for an interesting venture in terms of gameplay.

Moreover, the fresh grief that Joel deals with following the death of his daughter may add to the dynamic of how a younger version of himself would operate. This younger Joel may have no holds barred after losing his daughter without warning. Thus, this would make for a more temperamental Joel who is blinded by rage.

How such an idea could work itself into The Last of Us 2 gameplay is unknown. Perhaps the sequel could introduce such a venture in the form of a flashback. Regardless, it is still a fan-made notion as of it stands. Thus, fans shouldn’t look too closely into this idea just yet, considering it is hardly official information.

The Last of Us 2 in Seattle

Previous reports suggest that The Last of Us 2 may take place in Seattle, Washington. This is thanks to speculation from Redditor Voldsby, who points out key details from early footage from the game. Voldsby shares certain areas and landmarks are identical to what Seattle has. This includes notable street signs and even the “Driftwood” building matching its real-life location on Google Maps.

To further support their theory, Voldsby details the plants that are shown in development art of The Last of Us 2. Allegedly, the art shows what appears to be western swordfern. According to Voldsby, this plant is native to western North America. In this case, it may apply to Washington itself.

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