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Injustice 2 Characters May Include Mortal Kombat’s Cyrax in DLC

The Injustice 2 characters are arguably what make the game. The title features a plethora of familiar faces from the DC universe. It additionally boasts of having other characters from other titles, such as Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat franchise. As it stands, Sub-Zero may not be the only bonus character that Injustice 2 may highlight. According to reports, another Mortal Kombat fighter is slated to show up in the form of a DLC (downloadable content).

Mortal Kombat’s Cyrax May Join Injustice 2 Characters

As some may recall, Ed Boon of NetherRealm Studios previously hinted at new additions to Injustice 2’s Story Mode. More recently, Boon teased at this yet again by sharing a somewhat cryptic photo on Twitter. The picture shows what appears to be yellow armor. This may not give out much of a hint, but more eagle-eyed fans managed to dig deeper into Boon’s post.

According to some reports, the armor actually belongs to Mortal Kombat character Cyrax. The similarities between Boon’s post and Cyrax’s own armor were enough to convince fans of such an idea. Cyrax’s inclusion in Injustice 2 makes sense when it comes right down to it. For one, there is already the ever popular Sub-Zero to introduce Mortal Kombat to Injustice 2.

On the other hand, Boon is the creator of Mortal Kombat. Seeing as he comes into Injustice 2 as its director, Cyrax’s inclusion may come as no surprise at this point. Furthermore, Cyrax himself boasts of a modest following. As such, it seems only fitting that he may come in as a DLC somewhere down the road.

Despite the notion of Cyrax joining Injustice 2 being rather promising, it is anything but confirmed. As such, fans need to wait for official confirmation before celebrating just yet. Either way, to see Cyrax’s fighting style against the likes of Injustice 2 characters will ultimately make for some interesting dynamics.

Who is Cyrax?

For the uninitiated, Cyrax was first introduced in Mortal Kombat 3 back in 1995. He specializes in hand-to-hand combat and is a cybernetic ninja created by Lin Kuei. Notably, Cyrax was once tasked to hunt down Sub-Zero himself. It is this plot point in particular that makes Cyrax’s inclusion in Injustice 2 all the more interesting.

Cyrax last made an appearance in the Mortal Kombat series back in 2015 with Mortal Kombat X. There, he comes in as a DLC character. Notably, Injustice 2 actually mentions Cyrax’s unit code in the game. Whether or not this was an early hint of what fans can expect remains unknown.

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