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Death Stranding Cast May Include Stan Lee & Marvel

There continues to be ongoing chatter regarding Hideo Kojima’s upcoming Death Stranding. In most recent news, some netizens believe that the Death Stranding cast may even include the likes of the one and only Stan Lee. Could this mean a crossover with Marvel might be in the works?

Death Stranding Cast Adds Stan Lee?

Claims of Lee being included in Death Stranding have yet to be confirmed. However, Kojima recently took to Twitter to share an image that features Lee himself. Or rather, a figure of Lee, at least. What’s notable about the photo is that it also shows a figure of actor Mads Mikkelsen. This may be a key hint, as many fans already know that Mikkelsen is part of the Death Stranding cast.

With Kojima’s recent Twitter post, some fans now speculate that Lee may be included in Death Stranding. However, this may not necessarily mean that Marvel properties may cross over to Kojima’s project. It’s also worth noting that his picture with Lee’s image may not mean anything at all.

Several Kojima fans often look deeply into a lot of his posts. Different theories can come from Kojima’s social media alone, as he often makes vague posts that seemingly connect to his upcoming projects. While some speculations seem more credible than others, the theory of Lee being added to Death Stranding should be taken with a grain of salt for the time being.

Death Stranding and the Decima Engine

In other news relating to the upcoming title, Kojima recently shared that the anticipated game seems to operate well on the Decima Engine. Reportedly, he and his team ran tests to see how Death Stranding would perform with the aforementioned game engine. As to what these tests are remains unknown. Still, this comes as positive progress on the game’s ongoing development.

On top of this small but meaningful update, Kojima Productions and Guerrilla Games will soon take to SIGGRAPH 2017. There, the two companies will further discuss the Decima Engine and how it is being utilized for Death Stranding. As some may know, the Decima Engine was used for Guerrilla’s recent Horizon: Zero Dawn. The game was ultimately a hit, so the future for Death Stranding seems promising as it stands.

Death Stranding is Kojima’s first title following his split from Konami. Besides Mikkelsen, it also stars The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus. It will reportedly launch on the PS4 and is scheduled to see a release before 2019.

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