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Legendary Lugia and Articuno Now Available in Pokemon GO – Here’s How To Catch Them

At long last, Niantic finally released the long-awaited Legendary creatures in Pokemon Go, kicking off with Lugia and Articuno. To catch them, trainers need to participate in each Pokemon’s accompanying Raid.

For those who do not know, Pokemon GO  Raids are special limited-time encounters where players can team up with friends to simultaneously fight powerful Pokemon at Gyms. Each Raid has its own special Pokemon to fight, which trainers can catch once defeated. They are graded from one to five, with one being a relatively weak creature,  four being a powerful one, and five being a Legendary Pokemon.

Both Lugia and Articuno can only be found in what are called Legendary Raids. These raids are only limited to 48 hours so players will have to be quick if they want the Pokemon on their team.

Legendaries, like normal Raid Bosses, have a five-minute timer and once defeated them, players are rewarded with 13,000 XP. To best these two powerful foes, GearNuke suggests bringing a roster of the strongest Pokemon.

Lugia and Articuno Capture Guide

For Lugia, the site says a Dark-type Pokemon with a powerful CP works well like Umbreon, Houndoom and Misdreavus. Ice-type Articuno, on the other hand, can be countered with Fire, Rock or Electric-type Pokemon like Omastar, Magneton, and Forretress. The raids are conducted in the form of a team so players need to coordinate with each other in order to effectively take down these Legendaries.

After successfully defeating them, trainers have the chance to capture them at the end of the battle with only 2 percent capture rate. To improve the probability of capturing Lugia or Articuno, the site says a gold medal for catching Flying, Psychic and Fire type Pokemon is needed. Throwing an ‘excellent’ curve ball multiple times while using a Gold Raspberry in order to further increase the chances of catching them should also help.

Niantic has already confirmed Zapdos and Moltres will be the next ones to arrive in the game for Team Instinct and Team Valor. It did not provide a specific release date, but it says they’re coming “soon.”

Do you have any additional tips or tricks to landing these elusive catches? Let us know in the comments below.

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