Killing Floor 2 matchmaking update
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Killing Floor 2 PS4 Update 1.09 Fixes Matchmaking Issues

Tripwire Interactive recently released update 1.09 for Killing Floor 2 on the PS4, which fixes multiple bugs and issues that plagued it since Sony gave it away as a PlayStation Plus freebie. Previously, the developers said its servers were unable to cope with the influx of players after it became free for premium subscribers, thus, huge changes had to be made. The launch of Summer Side Show on the Killing Floor 2 PS4 version also introduced new issues that had to be fixed ASAP due to Tripwire Interactive’s ongoing Summer event.

Announced on the official Tripwire Interactive forum are bug fixes for matchmaking, perks, cosmetics, and enemy spawns. Below is the full patch notes listed by Tripwire Interactive:

  • Fix for Survivalist Zed Time Reload Passive Skill
  • Fix for Fleshpounds Not Spawning Enraged on Suicidal or Hell on Earth Difficulty
  • Cosmetic fixes for Mister Death Facepaint, Sideshow Clown Hat, and Witch Doctor hat
  • Fix for slow reloads during Zed Time Fan Fire skill
  • Fix for matchmaking not placing players together on servers for Weekly Outbreak modes

More bug fixes will come in a future update to solve other unaddressed issues the gaming community reported to Tripwire Interactive. The developers simply launched the Killing Floor 2 update 1.09 as fixing matchmaking is a priority to make weekly outbreaks playable by the community.

Other unaddressed issues involve non-working emotes. Apparently, players are unable to perform emotes while wearing DLC costumes. Tripwire Interactive is already aware of issues such as this and is working already on a fix.

Aside from ironing out the PS4 version, Tripwire Interactive is preparing for the launch of Killing Floor 2 Xbox One launch on August 29. The Xbox One version has an exclusive new weapon along with a few skins for the firearm. Tripwire Interactive will also support the Xbox One X at launch by introducing a smoother gameplay with higher fidelity graphics.

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