Destiny 2 Beta Test
Destiny 2 Beta Gameplay Using Warlock's Super Ability

TDG: Destiny 2 Open Beta Is A Real Technical Test, Not A Demo

Most games nowadays guise up a demo in the form of a beta test. Usually running a few days before the full game launches, beta tests are done to help developers assess their servers and to gather gameplay feedback. However, one of the biggest reasons why beta tests are now done is for promotional purposes. The latter idea doesn’t seem to apply to Destiny 2.

Before the Destiny 2 beta test started, Bungie posted a large list of known issues that players could experience in the beta test. Bungie stressed that beta players should report any issue that isn’t mentioned in their list. In a way, Bungie seems to be encouraging beta players to unearth any issue they might have missed.

After the beta was made available for a few days, tons of positive and negative gameplay feedback poured in. Bungie quickly responded, saying the beta build is actually “months old” already and the test simply helps them “validate” if they made the right changes. Bungie said they have already addressed in their non-beta build some complaints raised, such as the scarcity of ammo for strong weapons in Player vs Enemy missions.

While the game is running on an older build, it doesn’t mean they’re not trying to test improve it and test new bug fixes. As of this writing, the beta has received two updates since it became available on July 18. The beta was also extended for two days, presumably for testing out the latest updates on the live servers.

In a way, their blog post left an impression that testing the servers was the main focus of the beta test. “Destiny 2 is a brand new game using brand new technology in order to deliver an awesome experience,” said Producer Jared Berbach. “This testing ultimate helps us validate that our new server model is working as we thought it would, and at the quality and scale we had hoped.”

Additionally, Bungie tested their new social space for Destiny 2. While making it only available for an hour is eyebrow-raising, the main intention felt honest due to Bungie’s execution, or lack thereof. Players who got into the social space, called The Farm, were disappointed due to the lack of content. There was no NPCs to interact with. Aside from roaming around and socializing with your friends in the huge social space, the only unique, interesting players could do here was play football.

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