Killing Floor 2 Xbox One Release Has Exclusive New Features

After being available for months on PS4 and PC, Killing Floor 2 is heading to Xbox One with new features in August this year. It’s not just exclusive cosmetic as the Xbox One version will have a cool new weapon.

In a press release sent by Tripwire Interactive, they announced that the Killing Floor 2 Xbox One version will have several exclusive content. The biggest highlight is a new weapon called the Freezethrower. The Freezethrower, which is exclusive to the Survival Perk, will allow players to “shatter Zeds to pieces” after they have been sprayed on by liquid nitrogen. The weapon will also have eight unique skins for players to tailor fit to their character’s appearance.

Aside from the new weapon, the Xbox One version will include custom support for Mixer. For those unaware, this is Microsoft’s streaming service that allows viewers to actively participate in live game streams.

Capping off the Xbox exclusivity is support for Microsoft’s newest, upgraded console. Killing Floor 2 will offer better graphical fidelity and smoother gameplay on Xbox One X. “The Xbox One X version will be enhanced with 4K support, increased performance, high resolution textures, shadow maps and increased shadow-fade-out distance,” Tripwire Interactive stated in the press release.

The Xbox One version of Killing Floor 2 officially launches on August 29 with all previously released content packs. The Tropical Bash, The Descent, and The Summer Sideshow are included in the Xbox One release.

Playable solo or co-op with up to six players, Killing Floor 2 pits players against wave upon wave of enemies. Players earn money per round for gear upgrades or acquiring new firearms, which is essential as the enemies called Zeds are aggressive and will quickly surround an unorganized team. A huge boss battle caps of every match, though there’s only two bosses available in the whole game.

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