Bojack Horseman Season 4 Release Soon

After three depressingly funny seasons, there’s plenty of excitement for Bojack Horseman season 4, which has already been renewed by Netflix. Starring Arrested Development star Will Arnett, it has captured the hearts and interest of audiences who can’t wait to see what’s next. Details for the fourth season have been slim, leaving fans with the first three seasons to tide them over until more details are shown.

The creator of the show did reveal that a number of season 4’s scripts were written before the election, so the second half of the season could deal with the aftermath. According to Blasting News, the aftermath could even reach the show’s eventual fifth season, assuming one is made. It will be interesting to see how the show handles these, considering how well it has already brought up finding one’s purpose life.

Indie Wire also reported on the creator not caring about any award shows. “I’m happy when people like the show and when people talk about the show, so I think awards are just another way for people to hear about the show and hear, ‘Oh, that show’s good? Yeah I’ll check it out if this body of people says that it’s worth checking out,’” Bob-Waksberg said. “I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot here talking about awards shows because… ‘Yes, please. Consider us. Give us your gold, so that we may love ourselves and feel worthy, in its shining reflection.’ But I think you could watch the season of ‘BoJack’ and you would kind of get a sense of how I really feel about all of this.”

Bojack Horseman also went through some international problems, as Variety reported about the show’s removal from a Chinese streaming service, which is disappointing. While that doesn’t diminish interest in the show, it is disappointing to see it not get much love. Apparently, the show has run afoul from government censors, so the show will have to be heavily fixed before coming back.

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