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Splatoon 2 Review Roundup: Better Than The Original, Nintendo Still Flunks Online Functionality

Nintendo’s Splatoon 2 is one of the company’s titles that many fans look forward to for its originality on a genre saturated with too many similar games. Most reviews generally praise Splatoon 2 for its improvements. However, Nintendo dropped the ball when it comes to implementing online features.

As seen on IGN’s review, the overall gameplay from its fantastic PvP, innovatively designed single-player campaign, and co-op mode is generally praised for its quality. Players also have an abundance of weapons to choose from. Moreover, Splatoon 2 has a system that allows you to buy cosmetic items that looks similar to allies you fought with in matches. So far, Splatoon 2’s gameplay systems have a solid execution even though only Nintendo makes this kind of shooter.

Meanwhile, Kotaku confirms that Splatoon 2 still captures the quality of the original while improving some of its features. Long-time fans would notice that the gameplay is still objective-based where players must focus on having more painted territory than killing their foes outright. With the new weapons, tools, and supermoves, Splatoon 2’s gameplay got more fun in general.

However, reviews from several critics point out some of Splatoon 2’s questionable online features. The lack of waiting room activities, loadout switching or any warm-up minigames can be dead air if not for the game’s fast queue times. Additionally, the game warrants effective communication for better performance, but Nintendo only has its in-house paid alternative instead of just relying on known gaming voice chat programs like Discord.

Lastly, the Splatoon 2 co-op mode, Salmon Run, can only be played at certain times of day. The time restriction could be a problem for their active fans and even exclude players with different time schedules. Since Splatoon 2 has just begun, Nintendo can still improve their online functionalities along with their new gameplay updates.

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