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Pyre Review Roundup: Another Great Game From Supergiant

Pyre is another nice feather in the cap of Supergiant Games, as the stylish party-based RPG is a hit with critics on PS4 and PC. Considering how Supergiant Games already had two hits with Bastion and Transistor, their latest game proves that the indie developers are some of the best in the business. At this point, it seems like the developers can do no wrong and fans should keep an eye on their next project, whatever it is.

Metacritic has totalled the score of the PS4 version, which is an impressive 85 from 19 critics, making this the 17th highest rated game for the console. The PC version of the game has a lower Metacritic score of 80 from 5 critics, though it’s still a respectable grade when all is said and done. Judging from the reviews, it doesn’t seem like there are massive differences between the two, with the PS4 version simply having more reviews than the PC version.

GameSpot had this to say about the game: “It’s all too easy to fall in love with Pyre. It’s immediately attractive. Its songs dance in your head long after they debut.”  The Sixth Axis also praised Supergiant for making sure Pyre played differently from Bastion and Transistor, both of which were action RPGs. Pyre is much more tactical in nature, so it’s good seeing the company do new things.

US Gamer praised aspects of the game, but felt its story could have been more fleshed out, stating: “it’s wrapped in an expansive story that doesn’t quite earn its keep over its many hours, and fails to flesh out the endearing characters you meet and spend time with all along the way.” PC Gamer had similar thoughts, saying: “Pyre’s campaign is repetitive and its combat never quite clicks, but a touching and thoughtful story makes it worth sticking through to the end.”

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